Zen Sand Garden For Relaxation

Zen Sand Garden
A zen sand garden is one of the best pieces of equipment you can have in your home or office. This ancient art form has a peaceful and relaxing feel that can help you meditate during times of stress and get a handle on your feelings and emotions. Whether you make you own or buy a built garden, you’ll love how this small piece makes you feel.

How to Create a Garden

Instead of buying a zen sand garden, why not take the time to make your own? All you need is a small box, some sand, a few rocks and a small rake. You can find most of the supplies at any arts and crafts store, and some of those stores even offer kits that come with the rake and box and let you pick out sand and rocks from your own garden or lawn. After pouring the sand into the box and adding the rocks on top, you’re all done. You can also use just sand in the box and skip using any rocks.

Health Benefits of a Zen Sand Garden

The reason why so many busy professionals and executives have zen sand gardens on their desks is because of the health benefits of those desks. The next time that you feel even the slightest bit of stress, reach for your rake. Moving the rake back and forth across the sand is a simple motion that has big benefits. Though it might feel slightly monotonous to you, that constant movement helps you focus your mind on the task, which in turn pushes out the stress. Taking a few deep breaths as you work with your garden can further relax your mood.

Make stress a thing of the past. With a zen sand garden, you’ll always have something near you that helps you cope with that stress and get control over your emotions, and with its simple and classic look, it adds a touch of beauty to your desk too.

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