Yoga Poses for Neck Pain

Yoga Poses For Neck Pain
Every time that you sit hunched over a computer screen or slouched on the couch, you risk doing serious damage to your neck. Those frequent headaches that you experience and the pain that you feel in your neck likely occurs because of your poor posture and how you spend your days. Even if the closest you get to a yoga studio is walking by one on your way to the ice cream shop, you can still use a few simple poses to reduce your neck pain.

Head Tilt

Sit flat on the floor with your legs crossed. Keep your back and neck straight. Reach your right hand up, place it near the top of your left ear and gently pull your neck down and over to the right. You should feel a slight stretch. Release the pose and repeat with the opposite hand.

Modified Downward Dog

Though downward dog is a classic yoga pose, not everyone can handle this pose. For the modified downward dog, stand with your feet planted hip width apart and your arms shoulder width apart on the wall in front of you. Slowly bend down until your chest is perpendicular with the floor. Inhale and exhale five to 10 times before releasing.

Neck Rolls

Sit or stand with your back straight and your eyes and chin facing forward. Slowly drop your chin down to your chest until you feel a pulling sensation in your neck. Inhale as you slowly move your chin to the left, towards your back, to the right and back to center. With some practice, you can complete this movement more smoothly. After rolling your neck five to 10 times towards the left, switch to the opposite side and roll your neck to the right for the same number of repetitions. While these yoga poses may not reduce all of your neck pain or prevent neck pain, the movements can go a long way towards improving your strength and releasing tension in your neck and shoulders.

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