Writing for Pain Relief

Writing For Pain Relief

Experts found a distinct link between art and health. After having a bad day, don’t you feel better when you have the chance to sit down and talk with someone about your feelings? Whether someone cut you off on the way home, you worked late and missed seeing your kids before bed or you had a fight with a loved one, you need to get those emotions out. Writing about your experiences in a journal or indulging your inner author just might make you feel better.

How Creative Writing Helps Your Health

The more that you bottle up your thoughts and emotions, the worse you feel. When you avoid talking about your feelings, you can develop anxiety or depression. Creative writing gives you an outlet for those thoughts and emotions, which can help you relax and feel better about yourself. After a fight with a friend, you might sit down and write a short story about friends who fought and later made up in a creative way. After you start writing, you might find yourself looking forward to coming home and sitting down with your notebook.

How to Start Writing

No one becomes a great author overnight. Stephen King worked as a high school teacher and faced multiple rejections before publishing his first book, and James Patterson wrote under several pen names before finally publishing a successful book. When you come home after a bad day, give yourself at least one hour to write. Use your laptop, desktop computer or a notebook and a pen, and write down anything that comes to mind. Professional authors call this free writing, and they often use this method when creating a new story or novel. If you don’t like what you wrote one night, start a new story the next night.

Even if you don’t want to share your writing with anyone else, you’ll love the way that writing makes you feel. Instead of curling up with a good book, relax and get your thoughts out on paper or a computer screen.


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