Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace Wellness Program

Do you often find yourself looking around your office and noticing how sedentary everyone looks? Most people who work in office settings spend six or more hours sitting at a desk and behind a computer screen every day. This type of lifestyle can increase their risks of developing diabetes and other health complications and lead to an increase in the costs everyone pays for insurance. Some workplace wellness programs help employees get in shape through work or while at work.

Physical Fitness Competitions

One example of a workplace wellness program is a physical fitness competition. This lets everyone in the office take part and compete to win different prizes. You might offer prizes like a free gym membership, exercise equipment, a new bike or even a few paid days off work. Some offices let workers compete against each other to see who can lose the highest percentage of body weight. You may also host smaller competitions that let workers play fitness games and take part in other fitness activities against each other.

Daily or Weekly Classes

If you want everyone in your workplace to get active, you might try introducing new classes that meet once a day, once a week or a few times every week. For example, you might host a yoga class first thing in the morning, take a long walk together at lunch or go for a bike ride after work. When you give your employees the choice between spending an hour working inside or an hour of stretching and placing outside, you might find that more workers are willing to take part.

Community Activities

Why not encourage your employees to get in shape at the same time that you help the community at large? Plan a 5K marathon that requires all of your workers to get donations from their family and friends for each mile or kilometer that they finish. You can also give workers pedometers and ask them to get donations for each 1,000 or 10,000 steps they walk or run every day. Your workers will feel better about themselves as they get in shape and give back to others in need.


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