Tips for Good Sleep Hygiene

Proper Sleep Health

The amount of sleep you get every night has a direct impact on the way you feel, but the way you feel also depends on the way you sleep. If you go to sleep early and spend the night tossing and turning or waking up to use the bathroom and stare at the ceiling, you’ll likely wake feeling irritated and annoyed at the world. Though you may not need eight solid hours of sleep every night to wake feeling rested and alert, you generally do need at least six good quality hours of sleep. When you can’t get the sleep that you need, you can try using few easy tips for getting better sleep.

Prepare Your Bedroom

Blue lights aren’t just a special found at your local K-Mart. Blue light also refers to the amount and type of light produced by different types of electronics, including your television and smartphone. Do you find yourself looking at a few more pictures on your phone or watching just a few more minutes of TV before heading to bed? The light emitted by those devices interrupts your brainwaves and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, use your bedroom as a bedroom and not as a home office or a living room. Turn off the electronics at least one hour before you go to sleep, and give yourself time to relax and get in the mood for sleep.

Establish a Rhythm

Your body develops a schedule based on when you go to bed and rise each day. That is why you might have a hard time sleeping in on the weekends. Many people suffer from sleep troubles because they change their sleep schedules every night. Work on going to bed at the same time or around the same time every night, and try waking up around the same time every morning. Make sure that you try to get in bed within an hour of the same time every night. Though it might take some time to get yourself on a schedule, you’ll eventually find yourself drifting off quickly every night.


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