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Side Plank Yoga Pose

Health Benefits of Yoga

While a few yoga classes won’t leave you showing off how you can put your leg behind your head, those sessions do have some benefits to your health. Yoga is an ancient tradition that stresses the importance of proper breathing and meditation. Even the simplest of movements has a corresponding breath that helps you better […]

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Yoga Class

Yoga Hip Openers

Tired of feeling that shooting pain or dull throb in your hip? Though some people think that hip pain is something that only affects the elderly, anyone can suffer from hip problems. This can make it difficult to enjoy your favorite activities, take your dog for a walk or even sleep at night. Yoga consists […]

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Standing Yoga Pose

Online Yoga Resources

Looking for a way to start practicing yoga at home but unsure of where to start? Many people worry about visiting a local yoga studio. They don’t want others to see them in workout clothing, and they don’t want to look foolish trying new moves. Using yoga resources is one of the best ways to […]

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Young Woman in Seated Yoga Pose

Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

You might already know that yoga can increase your flexibility and improve your posture, but did you know that practicing yoga can also help you sleep better? Studies found that frequent yoga enthusiasts reported sleeping better, falling asleep faster and sleeping throughout the night. As yoga involves the mind and body, it helps you boost […]

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