Sunshine for Bone Health

Girl Basking in Sunshine

After a long day of playing outside with the kids, shopping at the flea market with a friend or relaxing on the beach, you naturally feel happy and better about yourself. Though you might not know it, the reason you feel that way is because of the Vitamin D that your skin absorbs from the sun. Vitamin D can improve the look of your skin, make you feel healthier and give your bones a boost.

Vitamin D and the Sun

You can get Vitamin D from the foods that you eat and the liquids that you drink every day, but if you’re like most people, you probably find that you don’t always eat as healthy as you might like. As long as you take the time to sit outside in the sun a few minutes every day, you can increase your absorption of Vitamin D. The human body contains natural oils that sit on the surface of the skin. When the ultraviolet rays of the sun hit those oils, the oil breaks down into different molecules, including Vitamin D.

How to Get Your Dose

There are thousands of different ways that you can get a daily dose of Vitamin D without exerting yourself. The next time that you find yourself lounging around the house after work, grab a good book, your tablet or your MP3 player and head out into the sun. Sitting outside for even 10 or 15 minutes can help you get the Vitamin D and nutrients that you need for healthy skin and bones. If you have a little extra energy, take your workout outside to the backyard or just take a long walk around the block. Spending the day at the amusement park, a local park or a flea market can help you get your body in movement and absorb the rays of the sun at the same time. No matter how you decide to spend time outside, make sure that you use sunscreen before you sit under the sun.

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