Staying Safe While Exercising In Hot Weather

Exercising In Hot Weather
As much as you might want to stay in the shade or the air conditioning during the warmer months, your body will never forgive you. Skipping one or more routine workouts can reduce your muscle tone and lead to weight gain. Before you go for a long run, workout in your yard or do any other type of exercise, you need to know how to stay safe in hot weather.

Wear Sunscreen

Regardless of how much time you plan to spend outside, make sure that you add a layer of sunscreen first. Many companies now make waterproof sunscreen that will last for hours and won’t disappear when you sweat. Make sure that you read the packaging carefully to decide how often you need to reapply the product. Only lobsters look good with red skin.

Drink Water

You already know that you need to stay hydrated in warm weather, but did you know that your body loses valuable nutrients when you exercise in the sun or hot weather? Long distance runners often use Gatorade and similar drinks that help replace the electrolytes they lose while outside. Drinking water and other drinks not only helps you stay hydrated but also helps you stay safe. Water does everything from lubricate your joints to replenish your lost fluids.

Listen to Your Body

Do you know the secret tip to working out in the hot weather? The secret tip used by athletes around the world is easy and simple: listen to your body. Your body will tell you right away when you need to head inside and when the weather is simply too hot. You might notice that you feel slightly sick to your stomach, dizzy, tired or just uncomfortable. Spending only a few hours in the sun without hydration can result in heat stroke or sun stroke. The next time you decide to exercise outside, drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen and make sure that you listen to your body every step of the way.

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