Southern California Picnic Spots

Southern California Picnic Spots

Restaurant meals are so full of fat, calories and sugar that you can easily eat your total recommended daily amount of calories in a single sitting. Planning your own picnic lunch gives you complete freedom over what goes into each meal and how many calories you eat. You can snack on fresh fruits in lightly sweetened whipped cream instead of fatty chocolate desserts, pack hummus and fresh vegetables instead of fatty nachos and plan whole grain sandwiches filled with thick slices of turkey. If you live in southern California, plan a romantic or fun-filled picnic at one of the top picnic spots.

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake shut down for a few years while the city of Los Angeles completed a massive renovation on the park. The city spent more than $40 million on that renovation, and the park now ranks as one of the best places for a picnic. You can watch kids and adults playing tennis, basketball and other sports as you eat, or you can wander along the walking paths to build up an appetite. Echo Park Lake also has a small boating area. Rent a boat and take a trip out on the water after you eat, or sign up for a gondola ride with someone special.

Tangerine Falls

Do you love the idea of enjoying a picnic lunch after a long hike? When you head to Tangerine Falls in Los Padres National Forest, you’ll burn so many calories that you can splurge a little at lunch. Water rushes down more than 150 feet of rocks and boulders before crashing down at your feet. You can spend hours just sitting at the base and enjoying the sounds of nature all around you. If you’re planning a romantic hike and picnic, keep in mind that this is a popular spot around Valentine’s Day.

Hollywood Bowl

The Los Angeles and Hollywood area is home to a number of landmarks, including Griffith Park and the Hollywood Bowl. The Hollywood Bowl offers a number of live performances every year, and it encourages visitors to bring their own picnics. Where else can you enjoy the sounds of a live opera or musical act as you snack on all your favorite foods? There are even some local restaurants that make picnic baskets just for Bowl visitors. No matter what type of picnic you want to enjoy, you’ll find the perfect place in southern California.


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