How To Snack


Studies show that eating a number of smaller meals throughout the day can help you lose more weight than eating three larger meals. If you’re like most dieters though, you probably cut back on the amount of calories that you take in every day. You can lose weight without giving up snacks. Reaching for the right snacks at home and at work fill you up in the same way that a full meal would.

Incorporate the Rainbow

The next time that you sit down to eat, take a look at your plate. Does your plate showcase a variety of colors, or do you find yourself eating the same colored foods every day? While a boneless skinless chicken breast, a scoop of rice and some cauliflower might provide the energy that you need for the day, it probably doesn’t thrill you with much excitement. Try adding more variety to your meals and snacks by looking to the rainbow for inspiration. This doesn’t mean that you should reach for a bowl of candy coated chocolate though, but it does mean you can add some more color to your snacks. Try mixing and matching fresh vegetables with hummus, a handful of nuts, some sugar free gelatin and even a few crunchy pretzels.

Find Healthier Alternatives

Finding healthier alternatives to your favorite snacks is probably a little easier than you think. Instead of grabbing a bowl of ice cream, keep a few bananas in the freezer. Blend a frozen banana with a dash of vanilla to make a healthy snack that tastes just like ice cream. A tablespoon of nut butter spread of a celery stick or half of a bagel will fulfill your craving for something savory, while some fresh fruit will take care of your sweet tooth.

Divide your day into six different meals. Eat a small breakfast, lunch and dinner, and incorporate your snacks throughout the day. Eating colorful and healthier snacks in the mid-morning, afternoon and at night provides you with enough energy to get through even the roughest of days.

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