Pilates For Low Back Pain

Pilates for Low Back Pain

Those dealing with lower back pain often find that even the smallest of movements can cause excruciating pain. Reaching for a book off a shelf in your living room, stooping to pet your dog or even rolling over in bed can leave you shouting in pain and wishing you could trade backs with your spouse. Damage to the sciatic nerve, a pulled muscle and other injuries can cause your lower back pain. Before you resign yourself to spending a few days every year in bed with a bottle of painkillers, learn how Pilates can get you back on your feet again.

Improves Your Core

Pilates refers to the group of muscles found in your abdominal area as your core. Every time that you stand up, walk or make any other movements, you rely on your core for support. A stronger core can help you walk a little straighter and keep you from hunching or stooping over while standing. Many of the first Pilates exercises that you learn rely on improving your core and strengthening those muscles. Once you have a stronger core, you’ll find that you can move more freely without feeling those twinges in your back.

Makes You Aware of Problems

One reason why people around the world love Pilates is because of its body awareness. As Pilates teaches you how to connect every breath you take with a different movement, you learn how to inhale and exhale as you meditate and form a better connection between your brain and your body. You can use the methods you learn in class while out in the real world. You might find yourself taking a deep breath when extending your back to reach an item on a higher shelf and slowly exhaling as you release the pose. This can also improve the awareness that you have of your own body and help you realize when you push yourself too hard before your back goes out again.

Increases Your Range of Motion

The founded of Pilates wanted to create a program that would help those with injuries and illnesses stay in shape. The exercises he introduced work all muscle groups in the body, which increases your range of motion. This helps you bend and twist your back and other parts of your body without winding up on the floor with a heating pad in your hand. You’ll notice instant improvements in your body after just a few short Pilates sessions.

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