What You Need To Know About High Heels and Low Back Pain

High Heels Causing Low Back Pain

High heels did a lot for the fashion world, but those shoes also did a lot for the medical field. Doctors see patients every day complaining about pain in their lower backs, and many female patients experience pain because of the heels they wear to work. Even shoes with a one-inch heel are potentially dangerous for your health.

Are High Heels Bad for Your Back?

High heels are absolutely bad for your back. The human body features an S-curve along the spine, which helps reduce pain and pressure throughout the body. Wearing even a pair of low heels changes that curve. The heels forces your body forward, which compresses the spine and puts more pressure on your lower back. When you slide on a pair of high heels, your body tries to compensate for its new position, which can lead to poor alignment of the back. Many women also suffer from problems with the heels compressing their toes, putting more pressure on their lower legs and reducing the function of the ankles. Frequent use of high heels can even lead to osteoporosis.

Take Care of the Problem

You can reduce your back problems without giving up your favorite heels. If you must wear sky high heels, opt for platform wedges and heels. The platform gives you the height that you want without compressing your back in the same way that heels do. Sliding a pair of comfortable insoles into your shoes will help you feet and ankles feel a little more comfortable too. The easiest way to reduce any lower back pain is with a simple break. Wear your heels one day, and wear a pair of flats the next. You can also try wearing those heels for just a few hours before slipping into something more comfortable. While women around the world love the way their legs look in a pair of high heels, those heels do more damage to your lower back than you might think.

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