Natural Medicine for Pain Relief

Natural Medicine
Dr. Oz gained a new legion of fans when he devoted an episode of his hit talk show to natural medicines. As a well-respected surgeon in his field, Dr. Oz has years of experience helping people with their medical needs. Even if you don’t watch the show and have no desire to watch the show, you’ll want to learn more about turmeric, which is one of the natural remedies he highlighted on the show. You can use turmeric or other natural remedies to get some relief from your pain.

Natural Herbs

Ancient societies and cultures used turmeric as a way of combating pain and inflammation. When you have an abscess on your body, try mixing a little turmeric with water to form a paste and applying it to the abscess. You can also use turmeric as a spice in your cooking. Garlic, onion and spicy chili peppers are other natural herbs that you can use for pain.

Natural Pain Remedies

Did you know that you can cure a headache without reaching for a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen? Place your fingers directly above the center of each eyebrow. Apply a small amount of pressure as you gently rub small circles on the skin. If this fails to work, try rubbing right at the spot between your eyebrows and temples. For frequent or recurring pain, consider talking to a reflexology specialist.

Healthy Supplements

Finding healthy supplements today is as easy as heading to the pharmacy aisle at your local grocery store. You no longer need to make a special trip just to find the supplements that you need. Make sure that the products you buy contain no caffeine, which can increase the amount of pain associated with a headache and prevent you from sleeping. You can find supplements that contain capsaicin, which is the ingredient in peppers that reduces pain. If you currently take any prescription medications, make sure you talk to the pharmacist about any potential interactions first.

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