Back Pain Treatment

Millions of Americans suffer from low back pain every year. The physical and emotional toll can be devastating. Patients seeking low back pain treatment have many options.  Treating low back pain first requires a thorough diagnostic work-up, including a detailed history and physical examination and review of pertinent imaging. Our Pain Management Doctor at the Southern California Pain Institute will sit with you and listen to your pain story. We will partner with you to formulate a low back pain treatment plan that may include medications, chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, and targeted procedures to help diagnose and treat your pain. We also incorporate complementary medicine when appropriate.


If your low back pain is caused by a herniated disc we may discuss a revolutionary non-surgical alternative to disc removal. This 20 minute procedure can help many patients avoid back surgery. There are no incisions and patients leave with only a band aid.

If you are seeking low back pain treatment for spinal stenosis, we may suggest a cutting-edge treatment called MILD, which can help avoid open spine surgery.  This short, outpatient procedure has helped thousands of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis.

Low Back Pain

We may also suggest other procedures, such as epidural injections, or facet blocks depending on the cause of your pain. If you are seeking low back pain treatment, call us today at the Southern California Pain Institute to set-up a consultation.