Learning To Love a Morning Workout

Morning Workout
You love the idea of waking up early and getting your workout out of the way. While you might dream of being one of those people who spends 30 minutes or longer in the gym and arrives to work with a glow, you probably find yourself reaching for the snooze button time and time again. Though it might sound hard to believe, you really can learn how to love a morning workout.

Choose Something You Love

When your bed starts calling your name and the snooze button looks good, you’ll have a hard time climbing out of bed. The thought of hitting the treadmill or the gym doesn’t sound as appealing as a few extra hours of sleep. If you have something to look forward to, you’ll actually want to get up in the morning. Choose an exercise routine that you enjoy first thing in the morning. Whether it’s working out to a dance DVD, taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood or hiking through the hills to watch the sun rise, you won’t have a problem getting out of bed.

Start Slow

The human body develops a schedule based on your regular activities, which is why it’s so hard to sleep in on the weekends. Your body typically wakes up at one time on weekdays, and it doesn’t note a difference on the weekends. You need to give your body time to adjust to a new schedule and your new routine. Wake up a few minutes early every day until you have enough time to get in a full workout.

Have Fun

If you really want to love an early morning workout, have fun. Try reading a good book while walking on the treadmill or listening to a new album or book on tape while running. You’ll find that you want to get up and start working out just so you can find out what happens next in your book or to hear the rest of that album.

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