Importance of Hydration

Drink Water
Many people think that dehydration is something that only affects those who workout frequently or spend a lot of time outside. You might think that you’ll never deal with dehydration because you drink plenty of coffee, tea, diet soda and low calorie drinks. Your body requires water for survival, and while you can get water from those drinks, you still risk dehydration. Dehydration can make you feel incredibly thirsty, interfere with your motor skills, make you feel dizzy and lead to confusion. If that isn’t enough to scare you into drinking more water, check out just a few reasons why you need to stay hydrated.

Water Prevents Constipation

The number of bowel movements that you have throughout the week depends on your diet and lifestyle. While some people have a bowel movement one or more times every day, others can go several days without having a movement. When you suffer from constipation, you might take a look at how much water you drink. Water helps lubricate your internal organs and helps push waste and toxins from your body. If you notice a decrease in the number of bowel movements you produce, it might be time to increase your consumption of water.

Regulate Your Fluids

Water constitutes more than 50 percent of your body weight. Far too many people think that losing water weight can help them get healthier. They take pills and reduce the amount of liquids that they drink to lose a few extra pounds. Losing water can affect your body in multiple ways, including making it harder to concentrate and impairing your motor skills. You lose water every day, even if you spend the day sitting inside an air conditioned house. As you sweat, you lose the water that your body needs to regulate your fluids. Staying hydrated can help you better regulate those fluids and make you feel healthier and more alert.

Reduce Joint Pain

Your body uses water as a way to lubricate your joints. After a day sitting at the beach or working on your house, you might notice that you feel more aches and pains than you otherwise would. This occurs because your body doesn’t have enough water to lubricate those joints. It’s important that you take frequent breaks and drink water every day to stay hydrated. While you might not need to drink eight glasses of water every day, you do need to drink enough water to reduce your risk of dehydration and other problems.


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