The Importance of Flexibility

importance of flexibility

Health & Wellness Tips from the Southern California Pain Institute

You can spend hours in the gym and using different types of equipment without getting the look that you really want. While some exercises burn calories and build muscle, not all exercises can help with flexibility. Flexibility refers to the way that your body bends and stretches. Many people find that they aren’t as flexible in their older years as they were in their younger years. Feeling more flexible can help you do other types of exercises with ease and even improve the way you look and feel.

Better Balance, Fewer Accidents

Have you ever tried to stand up after sitting for a few hours and nearly fell over? Have you lost your balance when playing with the kids outside or even trying on new clothes in the store? Improving your flexibility can actually help you achieve better balance, which will result in fewer accidents and falls. Simple stretches, yoga poses and Pilates movements can improve your balance quickly, and many people notice that they feel more flexible after just a few weeks. If you incorporate weights or resistance bands with your stretches, you can even lose weight and tone different parts of your body at the same time.

Look Better, Walk Better

Good posture is the key to looking your best. Manufacturers and designers create clothing that hangs on the body a certain way, and your posture determines how clothing will look and fit. When you walk even slightly hunched over, shirts can hang a little too loose and ruin your lines. Being more flexible will change the way your clothing fits, the way you walk and even the way that you stand. Doing a few simple stretches every week can help you walk a little taller, which will change the way others look and think about you.

Improved Range of Motion

One reason why flexibility is so important is because it increases your range of motion. As you develop stronger and leaner legs, you also develop muscles in your arms, stomach and other parts of your body. The more muscles and strength that you have, the better you can perform certain motions. Improving your flexibility can even help you handle certain situations better. You’ll find that you won’t feel as stiff or uncomfortable after a long flight, sitting at your desk at work or watching a movie in the theater. If you want to feel and look better, improving your flexibility can help.

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