Helping a Loved One Cope with Chronic Pain

Helping A Love One Live With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain refers to pain that exists for a set period of time. It can occur because of an injury, surgery or another medical condition, and some types of chronic pain have no known cause. When someone you care about suffers from pain, you need to understand the the life of your loved one will change. There are a few things that you can do both for your loved one and for yourself.

Understand Their Limitations

Anyone dealing with chronic pain has limitations. Your husband might find that he can no longer play basketball with his friends and ride roller coasters with your children, or you mother might find that she has to give up gardening and sewing. You need to understand their limitations and make your loved ones feel better about themselves. This might mean that you take over some of the activities that they did before or that you find ways to make their lives easier. If your mother has problems getting up and down the steps, consider setting up a bedroom and bathroom for her downstairs. If your husband can no longer take out the trash and do other chores around the house, assign those chores to your children.

Take Breaks for Yourself

In the early stages of dealing with chronic pain, many patients experience mood swings and go through a range of emotions. A close relative might feel angry and irritated before feeling sad and depressed. Those emotions can wreak havoc on your own personal health and well-being. It’s important that you give yourself frequent breaks away from the situation. No matter how much you love someone, no one should ever take out his or her emotions on you. Suggesting alternative methods for their frustrations, including writing in a journal and joining a support group, will give them a healthier outlet. When things become too bleak around your house, take the time to go out for a walk, see a movie or do something outside of the house. Taking time away from each other just might help you both.

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