Health Benefits of Berries

Fresh berries
Berries are one of the few foods that few can resist. There is something about reaching for a handful of fresh and ripe berries on a hot summer day that will instantly put you in a better mood. As berries are lower in sugar than other types of fruits and snacks, you won’t feel guilty about what you eat either. Thanks to some new research, scientists uncovered a few more reasons why you might want to eat more berries.

Stay Alert

In a newer study, researchers looked at two groups of people. One group ate berries early in the day. The second group had other types of snacks. Those who ate fresh berries were more mentally alert throughout the day. Another study found that those who consumed berries were less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s and other mentally deteriorating diseases in their later years. Chowing down on blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or another type of berry at lunch or breakfast might help you get through the day more alert.

Get More Fiber

One of the biggest health benefits of berries is that these fruits consist of a high amount of water. Certain types of berries are actually 90 percent water. Having a small handful can help you feel more hydrated when you don’t have access to water or only have sugary drinks on hand. Berries also contain natural fiber that can help you stay regular with your bowel movements. The next time you find yourself constipated, grab some berries.

Improve Your Overall Health

Did you know that eating berries can help you lose weight and improve your health? The water content of fresh berries helps your stomach feel full and keeps you from snacking on other unhealthier options. Some studies also found that it can help those with diabetes better maintain their blood sugar levels and that fresh berries may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease. Keep fresh berries in your kitchen and during the off season, make sure you stock up on some frozen treats too.

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