Health Benefits of Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is a type of natural sweetener that has fewer calories than sugar and more health benefits than honey. As it comes in a liquid form, you can add a dash to hot or cold tea, use it in coffee or use it in some cooking and baking applications. You may also find it available in a powdered or crystallized form. Agave nectar also has some big health benefits that make it a better option than sugar.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Even if you aren’t diabetic or suffer from low blood sugar, you may still have some problems. Low blood sugar often occurs when you go an extended period of time without eating, but it can also occur when you eat a high amount of sugar and later feel a crash when that sugar leaves your body. Low blood sugar can make you feel nervous and jittery or tired and irritable. Using agave nectar in place of traditional sugar can help you better regulate your blood sugar levels.

Absorb More Calcium

You already know that you need calcium to build healthy bones and muscles and keep those muscles and bones strong. Calcium is just as important in your older years as it is during your younger years, but many people don’t take in enough calcium every day. Studies found that ingesting agave nectar every day can actually force your body to absorb more calcium from the foods that you eat.

Get More Energy

Not getting enough sleep the night before, eating the wrong foods and mood swings can all leave you with a lack of energy. That lack of energy can make it difficult to get through a long day at work, run errands or even spend time with your kids. Some studies found that agave nectar can actually provide a burst of energy with no crash like you’d have with sugar. If you want to get some more energy throughout the day, skip the sugar bowl and reach for agave nectar.


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