Fruit Infused Water

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One of the biggest reasons why people feel so lethargic and tired is because of what they drink throughout the day. As much as you love your afternoon cup of coffee, that coffee contains enough caffeine that it will stop you from sleeping easily at night. If you’re more of a soda drinker, you can take in half your daily calories from just a few single cans. Fruit flavored waters contain few to no calories, keep you hydrated and taste as refreshing as your favorite juices and soft drinks. You can find a few simple ways to make your own fruit infused waters.

Flavored Ice Cubes

As long as you have a single ice tray in your freezer, you can make fruit infused water. Fill the trays with a splash of water and freeze several hours or until the water is solid. Top each cube with a single berry and fill the spaces with more water. If you like pineapple, peaches, apples or larger fruits, cut those fruits into bite size pieces before adding to the tray. Add the cubes to your favorite drinks or a large glass of water. You can even mix and match the ice cubes, using basil and strawberry or a combination of other fruits and herbs.

Muddle Your Fruit

Make fruit infused water at home with a glass jar, some fruit, ice and water. Cut citrus fruits into slices, and chop other fruits into cubes or slices. Add enough fruit to the jar to bring it up to the ΒΌ mark. Muddle the fruit with a wooden spoon to break the fruits down and release the natural flavors. Fill the jar with enough ice to reach just below the top and fill the rest of the jar with water. Give the jar a good shake before storing it in the refrigerator. This simple recipe is an easy way to get rid of any extra fruit you have around the house.

Infuser Bottles

The popularity of fruity waters led to several manufacturers introducing infuser bottles. These reusable bottles feature a large plastic piece in the middle that you can fill with water, fruit or a combination of both. Small holes surrounding the piece lets the flavor slowly infuse your water. You can use any combination of fruits in the infuser, and its small size means that you can experiment with different ingredients. Whether you want to make enough water for a whole group or for your next workout, give these ideas a whirl.

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