Foam Rollers

Woman Using Foam Roller

Even the smallest of actions can lead to intense reoccurring pain. Stretching your back to reach something on a higher shelf, tripping over your own feet when chasing the kids around in the yard or slipping on the ice can sprain, break or tear a muscle or bone. When you find yourself dealing with pain that keeps coming back again and again, you might consider using a foam roller.

What is a Foam Roller?
A foam roller is essentially a small item that you roll around on your body. These devices come in a variety of different sizes, including smaller rollers that you can hold in your hand and larger rollers that you place on the floor. Professional teams often have doctors and trainers on staff who work with injured players. Those doctors and trainers used foam rollers for years as a way for players to cope with pain and reduce pain. Foam rollers specifically target the pressure points in your body and trigger endorphins that reduce pain. The rollers can also help reduce pressure and make the injury heal faster. You can find foam rollers available in most sporting goods stores today.

How to Use a Foam Roller
Using a foam roller is easy. For smaller injuries and pain in easily accessible areas, simply hold the foam roller in one hand and roll it across your skin. You can push harder to apply more pressure or use a lighter hand to use less pressure. Applying more pressure can feel painful until your body adjusts to that pressure. If you cannot reach the area, use a foam roller that you place on the floor. Move your body directly over the roller and then move your body back and forth across the roller. Use the roller for no more than 10 minutes a day every day for a week before slowing increasing the time you spend using it.

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