Dangers of Processed Foods


There are those times when you can’t help craving some of those foods that you know are bad for you. While you try to eat healthy throughout the day, a bad meeting at work or problems will your kids can leave you reaching for a package of potato chips or a candy bar. You may even rationalize your decision and pride yourself on choosing a smaller treat. Before you treat yourself, put down that snack and think about the dangers of processed foods. Processed foods go above and beyond chips and other snacks. Those foods can include white bread, canned soups and frozen dinners.

High In Sodium
Did you know that many frozen and canned foods contain more sodium than you should eat every day? Many people find themselves shocked when they take a look at the sodium content of their favorite foods. You may exceed your daily recommended dosage of sodium after eating a single meal. Manufacturers add more sodium because it adds flavor to those meals. Eating too much sodium can leave you feeling sluggish and cause swelling in your fingers and other joints. High amounts of sodium can also cause significant damage to your body and leave you susceptible to certain diseases.

Damages Your Digestive System

Though you might think there is no danger associated with eating a few snacks every week, those snacks can wreak havoc on your body and health. You digestive system is responsible for breaking down the food you eat, transporting those foods into energy and pushing toxins and indigestible foods out of your body. Processed foods are more difficult for your body to handle.

Weight and Addiction

Many people think that addiction is something that only applies to drugs and alcohol, but it is highly likely that you can develop an addiction to junk food. The more you eat those foods, the more your body grows to rely on those foods. You’ll feel cranky, irritable and even angry when those foods aren’t available. Processed foods can also lead to excessive weight gain that can increase your poor feelings. If you want to feel better about yourself and reduce your risk of developing certain health conditions, cutting out processed foods can help.


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