How Can Onions Help With Pain?

Raw Onions
Onions are one of the most diverse foods in the world today. An entire onion has just a handful of calories, which is why you often see the vegetable on diet plans and in diet-friendly and low calorie recipes. According to some recent research, this little vegetable may also have some big benefits when it comes to pain relief too. Studies found that those who ate onions every day experienced less arthritis pain and chronic pain than those who ate other vegetables did. Adding this vegetable to your diet may be the cure you need for your pain.

Onions and Sulfur

Onions are one of the few vegetables that contains a high level of sulfur compounds. Those compounds are what gives the vegetable its pungent scent and what makes your eyes sting and water when you chop one. The sulfur compounds can reduce inflammation and swelling, which occurs in those suffering from arthritis and other types of diseases. When you experience swelling in your body, it puts more pressure on you and increases the pain that you feel. Onions may also provide relief as a home remedy for certain problems.

Earaches and Insect Stings

Did you know that the sulfur compounds in onions can help you reduce pain associated with an earache or an insect sting? For earaches, grate a raw onion over a cheese grater into a small bowl. Pour the mixture through a cheesecloth or a colander placed over a second bowl to separate the onion juice from the onion pieces. You can also chop the onions finely, place the onions in a cloth and squeeze to release the juice. Apply a few drops into the ear every few hours. Using onions for insect bites is even easier. Simply place a slice of raw onion directly on the affected area and let sit for a few minutes.

Adding Onions to Your Diet

If you want to experience a reduction in pain, try incorporating onions into your diet. Most people don’t want to chow down on a raw onion, and if you’re one of them, you can saute onions with a little chopped garlic and butter or olive oil to serve on meatloaf or even a hamburger. You can also toss garlic into a stir fry or another favorite dish. Slices of raw onion or chopped raw onion is a great addition to a salad or a sandwich. Try experimenting to see how you like your onions.


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