Can Hypnosis Help With Chronic Pain?

Hypnotist with Pendulum

When most people think of hypnosis, they think of stage magicians. Those magicians claim that they can make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do after putting them in a deep subconscious state. True hypnotists work in medical clinics and other settings to help patients deal with different conditions and problems. Working with a professional hypnotist may help you with the pain you feel too.

Implanting a Suggestion

Hypnotists use a series of meditation techniques to put you into a more peaceful state. The professional will then implant a suggestion in your mind that makes you change the way you feel about different things. Some people use the therapy as a way to stop overeating, while others use it when they want to stop smoking. If implanting a suggestion in your mind doesn’t stop you for experiencing pain, the hypnotist may try another method.


The term hypno-analgesia refers to a method used by hypnotists that actually changes the way you process pain. When you take prescription painkillers, the ingredients in those pills dull the pain receptors in the brain, which keeps you from feeling as much pain as you otherwise would. Hypnotists put you in a relaxed state and talk with you about your pain. He or she will then talk about how you can conquer your pain without using prescription drugs. The hypnotist can even make you ignore pain that would sometimes bring you to your knees.

Does Hypnosis Actually Work?

Several studies done on the effectiveness of hypnosis found that it really does work on some patients. One study took a series of brain scans of various patients prior to those patients meeting with a hypnotist. They recorded how their brains processed pain and the level of pain they experienced. Those same patients went through a series of scans after hypnosis that showed a significant reduction in general pain and a reduction in the way their brains processed pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, working with a hypnotist might be a good option for you. You can use hypnosis in combination with prescription drugs and other treatments recommended by your doctor.

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