Blueberries: Delicious Superfood

Fresh Blueberries

Blueberries are a superfood that can put you in a good mood and improve your health. Often found in supermarkets during the late spring through the summer, you can also find frozen blueberries picked at the height of freshness right in your grocery store’s freezer section. Well-known for the number of antioxidants that the fruits contain, eating a handful of blueberries can help you stave off hunger and battle cravings. Toss the fruits into your next smoothie, or just enjoy some fresh berries with a dollop of yogurt.

Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control

Diabetics cannot process sugar in the same way that others do. Ingesting sugar can make them feel tired, leave them suffering from cramps and cause balance problems. Diabetics also suffer from blood sugar spikes, which occur when their blood sugar levels reach a dangerously high or low level. Studies found that eating several servings of blueberries can help diabetics get their blood sugar levels under control. Other students found that it may help those at risk of developing the disease. If you have a family history or diabetes or are pre-diabetic, blueberries can lower your risk of developing diabetes.

Stop Constipation Today

A diet high in fiber can keep you regular. Some people have a bowel movement at least once a day, while others only have a bowel movement every few days. Constipation often causes stomach cramps, flatulence and discomfort, and when you find yourself using the bathroom less frequently, you can increase your intake of blueberries. As the fruit contains a large amount of natural and water digestible fiber, the fruit helps push other foods out of your bowels and through your system. Even one serving of blueberries can increase the regularity of your bowel movements and reduce constipation.

Battle the Signs of Aging

Everyone in the world ages at a different rate and in a different rate. While one woman might have the skin of a teenager, another woman of the same way might deal with tiny lines around her eyes and mouth. Free radicals and toxins in the environment can significantly impact how you age. The antioxidants found in blueberries can help you reduce the signs of aging and win the battle against aging. Studies found that blueberries can improve elasticity in the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve the look of wrinkles. If you want to look younger and improve your health, reach for fresh or frozen blueberries.

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