Benefits of Probiotic Yogurt

Probiotic Yogurt

Jamie Lee Curtis went from a movie star to a commercial star after appearing in a string of television commercials touting the benefits of probiotic yogurt. The actress claimed that eating the yogurt a few times a week helped her stay regular. Adding this type of yogurt can help you go to the bathroom more often and stay regular, but you’ll also find that these yogurts have some other benefits for your overall health.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, occur when bacteria invades your urinary tract. This infection can increase or decrease how often you urinate and make urination painful and even difficult. Eating probiotic yogurt can decrease your risk of suffering from a UTI. The yogurt increases the presence of healthy bacteria and prevents bad bacteria from reaching your urinary tract.

Get More Energy

When you exercise, your body uses the protein and fat stored in your muscles to create more energy. That is why you often feel lethargic after working out and why you have less energy after spending some time in the gym. Eating probiotic yogurt can help replenish your energy levels. The yogurt helps your body absorb more proteins from the foods you eat to give you more energy. Some research even indicates that eating yogurt can help your body repair itself faster from injuries sustained during a workout.

Lose Weight

Studies found that those who ate probiotic yogurt lost more weight than those who ate other types of yogurt and those who ate other types of food. Probiotic yogurt helps cleanse your bowels and colon to remove food and toxins trapped in those areas. The yogurt can also help you feel full longer than other snacks will, which can help you avoid snacking on high calorie foods. Lose weight, get more energy, regulate your system, prevent urinary tract infections and enjoy some other big benefits when you make probiotic yogurt part of your day.


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