Benefits of Exercise Balls

Blue Exercise Ball

The difference between a workout that ends with you barely breaking a sweat and one that ends with you burning hundreds of calories relies on the effort that you put into your workout. The harder that you work, the more calories you can burn. Before you run to the gym and hop on a treadmill set to the fastest speed, think about equipment you can use at home. A simple exercise ball, also known as a balance ball, is all you really need. The durable balls last for hundreds of future workouts.

Get More Out of a Workout

One big reason why so many experts recommend an exercise ball is because you get more out of your workout. If you could burn more calories changing the way you moved, wouldn’t you change your routine instantly? An exercise ball lets you work every muscle group and area of your body at once. When you do a traditional sit up or crunch, you lay flat on your back and only use your abdominal muscles. When you do that same movement laying on a stability or balance ball, you force your leg muscles and other muscle groups to keep you safe. Using an exercise ball a few times a week can help you get in shape faster than working out on the floor.

Improve Core

Your core refers to the group of muscles in your abdominal region. Pilates and yoga both stress the importance of improving and strengthening your core muscles, and you can improve those muscles quickly with an exercise ball. Even if do a few pull ups and work your arms, your core muscles come into play every time you use that ball. Those muscles pull together to keep you from slipping or sliding off the ball, and you don’t even need to do any special exercises to work those muscles.

Help Your Back

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects millions of men and women. As your body ages, your spine loses some of its flexibility and range of motion, and you might notice that you walk slightly hunched over or with a bend in your back. Using an exercise ball will help your back and improve your posture. You strengthen the muscles in your back and other parts of your body, which forces you to walk upright. A balance ball also provides more cushioning for your back, which can help you do exercises even if you recently suffered an injury.

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