An Apple A Day …

Bunch of Apples


Based on some new research, eating an apple a day really might keep the doctor away. That doesn’t mean you should add a slice of apple die after dinner to your diet, but it does mean that you can chow down on a fresh apple, an apple with some healthy nut butter on top or even a baked apple the next time you feel hungry. Once you find out how apples can improve your overall health, you’ll want to head to the grocery store or the farmers market and stock up on your favorite varieties.

Decrease Your Risk of Diabetes

A recent study found evidence that eating apples can decrease your risk of developing diabetes and help those already diagnosed with diabetes control and better regulate their blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a serious condition that affects millions of people and occurs because the pancreas cannot properly digest sugar. Studies found that apples force the body to stop absorbing large amounts of glucose and increases the body’s natural production of insulin. For best results, try adding two to three servings of apple to your diet.

Get More Regular

Do you find yourself spending a little more time in the bathroom that you might like? If you frequently suffer from bouts of constipation, it’s time to take a look at your diet. Processed foods and foods high in fats and sugars can make you feel constipated and leave you feeling sick to your stomach and bloated. Apples can help you get more regular faster than you thought possible. The high water content of apples and the amount of natural fibers found in those fruits help cleanse out your bowels and keep you feeling more regular. Adding more apples to your diet may also reduce your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Lose Weight Faster

Whether you need to lose a few extra pounds or dozens of pounds, try eating a few apples. Fresh apples contain a high water content, and when you fill up on water, your stomach feels fuller faster. This keeps you from overeating and reduces the amount of calories that you consume. Crunching on an apple also satisfies those cravings that you have for candy, chips and other crunchier foods that are bad for you. To get the full benefits of apples, make sure that you eat the apples fresh or baked slowly in an oven set to a low temperature.

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